Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glade Spring Collection Candle Review.

  I was one of the happy people to get the SC Johnson spring cleaning pack from I got pledge, glade, and scrubbing bubbles products. All were awesome but I want to talk about my favorite product. The Glad Sparkle of Spring candle from the Spring Collection.

  I love candles that smell good. It is one of the things in life that make me happy. I get even more happy when the candle is free. The first thing I did when I opened the box from Bzzagent was smell the candle. I can be pretty sensitive to smells and will gag (hard) when it is the wrong one. I am happy to say I didn't gag. I actually like the smell eventhough it is a little different than what I normally get for myself. The description says the smell is "zesty lime, ginger, [and] vanilla". I even like the green color of the wax. My only problem with the candle is that it isn't strong enough, but at least it isn't too strong. I will be getting another Glade product soon.

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  1. The candle smell sounds yummy! :)

    Thanks for the blog comment :)