Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Growing Out Very Long Hair

This is just a random post about me growing my hair out.  

I have trimmed my hair a few times, but I have been growing it out for over 3 years. I don't think I am done yet but I might freak out and shop it off one day. It's a lot to take care of and work with during every day activities.

What is the longest you have ever grown out your hair?


  1. Very pretty. Mine's just below my shoulders now and comes out in handfuls when I wash it. Mine has NEVER reached that length. It looks like a girlfriend of mine that I grew up with. Hers was about that long but very thick and wavy. The longest I've ever had mine was probably just below my bra strap and that was awhile back.

    Have a great day...… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

    1. You made my day :) It's so exciting to wake up and see that I have a comment!

      My hair does come out in handfuls and it's starting to get on my nerves ha ha. I am starting to kind of miss shorter hair but I always change my mind when I go to cut it.