Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prizes & Free Products I Got in the Mail this Week :)

One of my favorite times of day is mail time! I always get so excited to see which prize, freebie, or promotional item comes in. My husband loves this time as well. 

This photo shows some of the items I got in mail this week. Some of them I will be doing reviews on so stay tuned :)

Pretty super right? 
Hopefully I will be able to have some giveaways of my own soon. I also plan on sharing opportunities with you so you can get more freebies. 
Let me know if you have any prayer requests or just want to say hi.


  1. Definitely interested in how you are able to get such awesome freebies!:)

    1. I enter a lot of sweeps and take part in a lot of websites like I am still kind of learning as I go but it's worth it. I should start talking about some of the websites I use on my blog already ha ha. :)