Friday, May 31, 2013

EpiCor Review

Disclaimer: I was given a free EpiCor supplement to try out in return for writing a review.

EpiCor is a an all natural health supplement meant to improve your immune system. Watch the video to get an idea of how it works and then scroll down for my experience with it.

I opened my EpiCor package right away when I got it in the mail. I was pretty excited to try something that could make me healthier. 
I quickly opened the bottle and made the mistake of smelling the supplements right after taking the cotton out. Oh boy it smelled bad, ha ha. After I got over the smell I took the pill and was pleased with how easy it was to swollow.
I already had some food in me and took the pill with a full glass of water. I was nervous about how it would make me feel because of experiences with other supplements, but I am glad to report that I didn't get nauseous. 

I have been taking EpiCor for about two weeks now. I can't say that I am experiencing a big change but I do feel just slightly more perky when I take them. I don't think a couple weeks is enough time to experience anything too major unless your immune system needs a lot of help. But I am going to continue to take the rest of my 90 day trial. I do believe EpiCor is helpful in my goal to get a more healthy lifestyle. 

If you would like to try out this natural immune supplement you can visit EpiCor and look into purchasing it. You can also check out EpiCor on Facebook or Twitter to interact.

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