Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So Much Work to Do

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I have so much work to do! My biggest project is to get this blog running a bit better. I want to have a giveaway on this blog soon. But I need to link my Bloglovin account, create a Facebook page, and maybe get more followers first. It probably wouldn't hurt to learn how to use rafflecopter as well. 

Most of the things I need to work on require me to get control of my time. Time management isn't something I am that great at. I need to organize how much time I spend earning & winning things online. How much time I spend blogging and socializing. How much time I clean, exercise, do my chores, and just about everything else. But I am determined to take control.

Send this girl a prayer?


  1. Oh June we are so much alike. I'm not great with time management either. My blogs a mess and I'm way behind on it. Don't even get me started on home. Well good thing is there's no little ones to mess it up but it's kinda keep the lights down low because dust bunnies are everywhere and the projects are piling up. lol. I'm not great at tech stuff but if I can ever help you or answer any questions just holler, I'm always happy to help.

    ♥… Tracy@CottonPickinCute

    1. I need to keep my lights down low as well ha ha. Thank you so much. I may end up asking you a question or two at some point ha ha :)