Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Long Hair Donation for National Donate Your Hair Day with Pantene

Happy National Donate Your Hair Day! 

I have been growing out my hair for years. Probably about 4 years at this point. It was almost a scary idea to chop it off after all that time. I finally decided that I was done and it was time to donate. I chose Pantene Beautiful Lengths to donate my very long hair to. Pantene has a step by step guide I used to make sure I did everything right. My husband cut about 19 inches of my hair off which pretty much covers 2 donations. It also left enough hair on my head for me to have my hair evenly cut and styled when I get the chance. 

My hair shortly after washing it for the donation.

My Husband tied my hair, measured it, and then tied the end of my hair with another band. 

My husband then cut my hair an inch or so above the ponytail. 

Then Dave stole my ponytail and wore it. He he he :)

After letting my hair dry completely, I sealed it in a storage bag. 

The last step was to get it ready to mail off :)

That's how my hair adventure went. Make sure you read all the instructions on the Pantene Donation Page before donating! Pantene can't use donated hair that doesn't meet the requirements. You don't want to donate for nothing. 

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